Our Top 5 “Must See” Theater Shows in 2016

Numerous cities in America are home to some of the most fantastic broadway shows that we think you should definitely go and see at some point this year. We’re going to give you the low down on what we regard to be the top 5 Theater Shows, some are new kids on the block and others have been around for decades, but all of them are guaranteed to give you a great time, whether it’s an evening with the girls or a matinee with the kids. Don’t hesitate to do some browsing online to purchase your tickets and take in a show!


Hamilton is a fairly newborn Broadway Hit, it was born by the inspiration of the Composer Lin-Manual Miranda when he read a historical biography of America. The show came to the stage in August 2015 and has already received rave reviews from the likes of the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly and the Wall Street Journal. It’s also claimed numerous awards, including a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album.
Hamilton is dubbed as such because it revolves around the life of Alexander Hamilton, a founding father of the United States of America. It begins in the Caribbean where we are introduced to the orphan Hamilton who goes on to travel to the American colonies to further his education. The tale is told with bold, contemporary music and a fantastic concoction of emotion jerking scriptures written by the talented Miranda.
To get to see this show you have to look into it immediately as tickets are limited due to its immense popularity.


The Lion King barely needs an introduction. This musical has been a popular Broadway show for almost two decades and is based on the classic Disney animated film that was released back in 1994. The musical itself debuted in July 1997 in Minnesota and as we know was an instant hit and still is to this day across the globe. It is the third longest running Broadway musical of all time, and has grossed more than $1 billion, making it the highest grossing show of all time.
The show itself is a wonderful array of colors and sounds, as well as genius puppetry that makes you feel like you are in the Pridelands yourself watching the presentation of Simba. The puppets are that realistic; you’ll get shivers of excitement, and the kids will be mesmerised. A definite family favorite, this one is not to be missed by you or your little ones.


From the creators of the wacky and controversial cartoon South Park, you can guarantee this musical is a show for adults ears only. Put it this way, if you’re offended by curse words, then this show may not be up your street! This satirical number was released to Broadway in 2011 and has since received critical acclaim, winning a Tony Award for Best Musical as well as a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album in 2012.

The musical follows two religious Mormon missionaries attempting to share their scriptures with a remote Ugandan village, however the inhabitants seem more preoccupied with more troubling issues, you know, like famine for example. It’s a hilarious yet thought-provoking show, gently poking controversial fun at religious beliefs with toe-tapping good songs, intricate costumes and stellar performances.


Wicked is a clever take on the famous 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, where we come to know Dorothy and her red slippers. It is based on the alternative tale portrayed in the book, “Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch in the West.” where we get to know the so dubbed “wicked Witch” and the real reason her skin is a sickly shade of green. The show celebrated its tenth anniversary of hitting Broadway in 2013, and is still a popular musical with its album winning a Grammy Award.
Wicked is another show appropriate for all the family and even has an important underlying message in the plot, giving an insight into why the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz became such a nasty villain. It truly is a spectacular show to behold with an impressive set and catchy sing-a-long songs, it might be an idea to get to know these numbers before you go to make your trip even more enjoyable!


It isn’t only Disney’s “The Lion King” that has hit the stage you know, Aladdin is right up there too, and rightly so. This colorful and definitely child friendly musical was released to Broadway in 2011 and is based on Disney’s 1992 animated film following the love story of Aladdin the “street-rat” and his beloved Princess Jasmine.

It features the same choreographer as “The Book of Mormon” and is truly a spectacle to behold. The set genuinely comes to life with vibrant costumes, glittery explosions and trademark plumes of magical smoke that a genie would be jealous of; it’s a treat for the senses. And to top it all off, there really is a magic carpet that soars high above the clouds, something to keep the little ones entranced! So why not get your tickets and travel to a whole new world with your favorite, classic characters.

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